Site 1: Focus Group Room 

On a day, just like any other day, around noon, I was sitting in my office. My feet were up on the desk, and I was
drinking a cup of coffee. I barely moved my leg, or maybe I was completely still. It was silent. Out of the edges
of my senses I knew something fell. I never heard a sound. A floor crater was found in the room. Inside the crater
was a piece of a ceiling tile carrying a small seed-like object. Focus Group Room was created to figure out the
discrepancy in the weight of the object versus the hole it created. I have been unable to provide an account for
the strange happenings that followed.

Encounter #1 [2012]
the tile moved, they fell

Encounter #2 [2012]
projections abound

Encounter #3 [2012]
found in right-hand bottom drawer of previously empty desk, caption: Cele & friend background template

Encounter #4 [2012]
found stuck in ceiling tile, no pencil

Encounter #5 [2012]
found in ceiling tile adjacent to protractor, tag: Reed St. James

Encounter #6 [2012]
an unknown figure enters Focus Group Room, pushes in 5 of the 6 chairs, sits in the north chair

Encounter #7 [2012]
indentations from objects removed, piece of ceiling tile without seed-like object

Encounter #8 [2012]
a hand enters the frame, reaches for the base of the chair, grasps it, loses it, moves out of frame

Encounter #9 [2012]
a tracking shot into the corner of a two-way mirror

Encounter #10 [2012]
mirror writing

Encounter #11 [2012]
a hand enters the frame, places a pale mint-green piece of chewed gum under table, moves out of frame

Encounter #12 [2012]
a searchlight angles in the background, the scene is still, five pieces of paper sit on the table, assume they are