Site 3: KC Publications

I contacted KC Publications to investigate their magazine Lake Mead - Hoover Dam: The Story Behind the Scenery 
further and to see if it was still being printed. A man answered and said he was not sure but he would look it up and
call back. I did not receive that call. Two weeks later I called again. There was no answer. As I was leaving a
voicemail I saw a man in an office across the way look towards my window. He held my gaze for the duration of my
message. When I hung up he flinched. I have since scoured the surfaces of his office through various long distance
viewing devices. I have yet to figure out what he does in there.

Encounter #26 [2013]
an unknown figure enters the room, pushes in 5 of the 6 chairs, sits in the south chair

Encounter #27 [2013]
observation has been going both ways

Encounter #28 [2013]
unknown light source of orange circle in camera obscura’s image

Encounter #29 [2013]
still life containing box with unknown contents, magnifying glass, ceiling tile with unknown object, small notebook
and reflections

Encounter #30 [2013]
still life with film reel, label reads: Rocks? Arthropods

Encounter #31 [2013]
model containing a bookshelf, table, 5 chairs, red carpet, nails, and obscured drawing

Encounter #32 [2013]

Encounter #33 [2013]
wormholing 2

Encounter #34 [2013]
still life containing Lunar Lake magazine clipping, pet tornado, tiny notebook, fake rocks, page from a tiny book,
mirror, rolled up gum wrapper, unidentifiable object labeled: on/off, 1 day, 2 days, 4 days

Encounter #35 [2013]
pet tornado

Encounter #36 [2013]
the tack jumped

Encounter #37 [2013]
falling upwards

Encounter #38 [2013]
hypnosis sunset

Encounter #39 [2013]
worlds collision

Encounter #40 [2013]
the first book released by KC Publications, the seed was planted long ago