Very excited to be a 2019 Researcher in Residence at Signal Culture this summer. Signal Culture offers residencies in a live/work space in the beautiful village of Owego in central New York State. They believe in the importance of fostering a community of people working with experimental media art and host multiple residents concurrently to set a stage for conversation, networking, and possible collaboration. Andrew Mausert-Mooney and I will be there working on an upcoming ACRE TV show, in collaboration with art historian and curator Laura McGough, about artist-made cable access television in non-center cities. Can't wait to check out their space, amazing analog synthesizers, and meet everyone involved!

In the Body's Tow: Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney
La lumière collective
June 28, 2019, 8 pm
7080, rue Alexandra #506
Montréal, QC H2S 3J5

La lumière collective presents IN THE BODY'S TOW  | Short works by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney.
[Filmmakers present] | En présence des cinéastes | TRT: 55 minutes. Digital program.

“The collaborative videos of Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney explore the relationship between cinematic artifice and ordinary affects. They capture and explode those potent feelings that surge up on the verge of sleep, when you are on the edge of your seat, when your seat is swept out from beneath you along with the rug beneath your feet. The work embraces collaboration, not merely between the two artists, but with their performers, collaborators, and students. In this way these works inhabit the contact zones between individuals and individual worlds, they become exercises in empathy.

Based in Chicago, Kera & Andrew’s collaborative work began with a shared interest in the grammar of cinema, and grew to include an interest in liveness, which has been expressed and explored through various installations, videos, live broadcast performances, and the founding of ACRE TV, an artist-made live streaming tele-vision network.” – Ben Balcom

7$ suggested donation/don suggéré

More info | Plus d'info :

In the Body's Tow
Cellular Cinema
May 19, 2019, 7 pm
The Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
810 W Lake St
Minneapolis MN 55408

“The collaborative videos of Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney explores the relationship between cinematic artifice and ordinary affects. They capture and explode those potent feelings that surge up on the verge of sleep, when you are on the edge of your seat, when your seat is swept out from beneath you along with the rug beneath your feet. The work embraces collaboration, not merely between the two artists, but with their performers, collaborators, and students. In this way these works inhabit the contact zones between individuals and individual worlds, they become exercises in empathy.

Based in Chicago, Kera & Andrew’s collaborative work began with a shared interest in the grammar of cinema, and grew to include an interest in liveness, which has been expressed and explored through various installations, videos, live broadcast performances, and the founding of ACRE TV, an artist-made live streaming tele-vision network.” – Ben Balcom

West, 2014, 16mm film, 1 min
Local Ads From Faraway Places, 2014, HD video, 5 min
Peripetei’em, 2009, 16mm film, 2:18 min
MUCK MUCK \/ MONICA PANZARINO, 2013, livestream (HD video), 12:55 min
Abductive Object #4, 2013, HD video, 2:45 min
In a Perfect Fever, 2015, HD video, 8:20 min
Notes for a Vivisection, 2016, livestream (HD video), 9:50
School Section Lake, 2013, 16mm film, 1:48 min
Stones for Thunder, 2018, HD video and 16mm film, 16:20 min
TRT = 55′

Corporeal Considerations
NOFLASH Video Show
May 3, 2019, 8 pm
Voorhees Hall & Zimmerli Art Museum
Rutgers University
71 Hamilton St
New Brunswick NJ 08901

Based in New Brunswick, New Jersey, the third annual NOFLASH Video Show is coming up May 3-5, 2019. Dedicated to showcasing ambitious new works by emerging filmmakers and time-based artists, NOFLASH 2019 will feature 29 works from 11 countries, in three avant-garde short film programs – Corporeal Considerations, Autobios & Animations, and Pensive Portraiture – as well as a popup video art exhibition, and a reception with performances. Sponsored by the Rutgers Filmmaking Center and the Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University.

Bodies: moving, suffering, desiring.

Hannah Priscilla Craig, They Were Each Important To Each Other In That Moment, 2018, USA, 1:21, World Premiere
Emma Rozanski, A New Kind of Ray, 2018, UK/USA, 4:37, East Coast Premiere
Sabrina Mertens, Gentle Moments, 2017, Germany, 7:38, East Coast Premiere
Farshid Akhlaghi, Pain is Mine, 2018, Australia, 12:57, NJ Premiere
Jessie Darnell, 2000 WOMEN NAMED STACY, 2018, USA, 10:04, East Coast Premiere
Laís Catalano Aranha, In and Out, 2018, Brazil, 3:15, World Premiere
Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Stones for Thunder, 2018, USA, 16:20, NJ Premiere
Julio Alejandro Rodriguez Pozos, Mother, 2018, USA, 18:00, World Premiere

Carly Englander, Spit and Plastic, 2018, USA, 2:04, World Premiere

Tickets are free and can be reserved here.

Competitive Program 7: I’m Still On My Way
Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (ICDOCS)
April 20, 2019, 11:15 am
Franklin Miller Screening Room
Adler Journalism Building, E105
Iowa City IA 52240

The 16th annual ICDOCS will take place April 18-20, 2019.

LyndaleOliverio Rodriquez and Victoria Stob, United States; 24:17
Reality Fragment 160921Qigemu Lin, United Kingdom; 13:35
Exit Strategy #4Kym McDaniel; 8:50
Stones For Thunder - Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, United States; 16:20
Video Home SystemSharlene Bamboat, Canada; 19:11

Program 3: Intercommunication
Spectral Film Festival
April 5, 8:30 pm
the IDEA Center
1039 Ellis St
Stevens Point WI 54481

The Edge of Alchemy dir. Stacey Steers - 2017, 19 min.
Whatever is Touched is Spoiled dir. Alexandra Robson - 2017, 4 min.
In a Perfect Fever dir. Kera Mackenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney - 2015, 8 min.
Trigger Warning dir. Scott Fitzpatrick - 2017, 5 min.
For His Sake; For His Pleasure dir. Hugo Ljungbäck - 2017, 3 min.
Music of Desire dir. Kristin Reeves - 2016, 8 min.
Open World dir. Axel Chemin - 2018, 7 min.
Please step out of the frame dir. Karissa Hahn - 2018, 4 min.
The Bed and the Street dir. Mike Hoolboom & Heather Frise - 2018, 5 min.
Homewrecker dir. Orr Menirom - 2018, 15 min.

For more information:

So very honored to be the recipient of the City of Big Shoulders Award from the Onion City Experimental Film & Video Festival for Andrew Mausert-Mooney and my movie Stones for Thunder!

Check out Onion City's website to see all the award winners:

Ben Sachs wrote about the Onion City Experimental Film & Video Festival, and Stones for Thunder, in this article in the Chicago Reader:

"Another standout of the festival, Kera Mackenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney's Stones for Thunder, closes program one with a disjointed yet startlingly original montage that brings together shots of (among other things) nature, a television control room, fireworks, and gymnasts. Mackenzie and Mausert-Mooney convey nothing less than the disorientation of modern life in times of great change, a feeling that spans the personal and political selections of this year's Onion City." -BS

The Tension Here
Onion City Experimental Film and Video Festival
March 22, 2019, 7 pm
Chicago Filmmakers
5720 N Ridge Ave
Chicago IL 60660

Bodies connect, ships send distress signals, words and images are interpreted and misinterpreted and reinterpreted again, a boiling point is reached. This program asks: how do we feel tension as an individual, as a group, and as a country?


Pelourinho: They Don’t Really Care About Us, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Ghana, 2019, 9:00 mins
Take it Down, Sabine Gruffat, USA, 2018, 12:30 mins
A Small Place, Greta Snider, USA, 2018, 5:00 mins
Mixed Signals, Courtney Stephens, USA, 2018, 9:00 mins
knee jerk | x it strata, Eshovo Momoh, USA, 2017, 12:00 mins
Stones for Thunder, Kera Mackenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, USA, 2018, 16:20 mins


Tickets: $8

For more information:

Josh B Mabe, To Fall, 2010 (still)
January 18, 2019, 8 pm
Echo Park Film Center
1200 N Alvarado St
Los Angeles CA 90026

Renowned Chicago-based filmmaker and programmer Josh B Mabe presents a selection of his films and videos made over the past decade as well as a selection of his favorite work from other Chicago-based artists.

"But to the end of time certain places of the world remain defined for him as the place where those sensations were; and his only possible answer to the question where anything is will be to say 'there,' and to name some sensation or other like those first ones, which shall identify the spot. Space means but the aggregate of all our possible sensations.” —William James


Edward Owens, Remembrance: A Portrait Study, 1967, 16mm on digital, 6 min
JoAnn Elam, Lie Back and Enjoy It, 1982, 16mm, 9 min
Carolyn Faber, IOTA1998, 16mm, 6 min
Josh B Mabe, To Another, 2010, 16mm, 1 min
Josh B Mabe, Addy Choo2013, 16mm, 2 min
Josh B Mabe, Pastoral2008, 16mm, 2 min
Josh B Mabe, To Quit, To Quiet & To Mark The Shape2011, 16mm, 7 min
Josh B Mabe, To Fall2010, 16mm, 2 min
Adam Paradis, Damage Control2010, 16mm, 5 min.
Karen Johannesen, Daylight and the Sun2009, Super 8, 5 min
Kera MacKenzie, Abductive Object #42013, digital, 3 min
AJ McClenon, he kind of like skips over me and tells all my African-American friends to go sit down, 2016, digital, 9 min
Jesse Malmed, THERE2016, digital, 1 min
Tommy Heffron, Like This/Like That2017, digital, 3 min
Josh B Mabe, AND MAGICS2016, digital, 5 min

Tickets: $10 general; $6 for students/seniors; free for Filmforum members.

For more information:

Sara Condo, Spaceship Earth, 2018 (still)


ACRE TVOnline at
November 8 – December 31, 2018
JumbleTron LIVE: November 8, 2018, 8:30-9:30 pm CST


CUBED: Luminous
Pensacola Museum of Art / University of West Florida Museum Plaza
Festival Dates: November 8-11, 2018
JumbleTron LIVE: November 8, 2018, 8:30-9:30 pm CST

JumbleTron is a two-part video show crafted for public, large-scale screens in Pensacola, Florida (as a part of the CUBED: Luminous Festival, November 8-11), that features a roster of some of the most dynamic artists that ACRE TV has been itching to collaborate with since our last big group show in December 2016. JumbleTron will also broadcast online at from November 8th to December 31st.

Part one —  JUMBLE — features 12 video works by Sara Condo, Zachary Epcar, Mark Kent, Mark McCloughan, Lydia Moyer, Amina Ross, Sheida Soleimani, Darryl Terrell, and Lili White, reformatted for an 18’x12’x12’ LCD prism: A dazzling, buzzing, and spectacular program that spins, skins, and surveys themes of human/animal/environmental cohabitation.

Part two — TRON — is four collections of video works reformatted for 8’x8’ projections: Full of human bodies and breath, this part moves slower, dances in the ways and waves, finding limits in human scale. Carl Elsaesser and Sandy Williams IV are each showing durational series that add up to more than a day and a half of video, exploring time and persistence. Danny Giles and Richard Haley have imaged the human body, or something like it, standing tall against external forces of nature and surveillance.

JumbleTron was curated by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney (video artists and co-directors of ACRE TV) and Joseph Herring (House Pencil Green, video and performance artist and frequent collaborator with ACRE TV).

The documentation from When stranger things happen, an opera I did the projection design for last year, which was composed by Katherine Young for Ensemble Dal Niente's event Piece Her Togetherhas just been released. Dan Nichols did a really nice job with this video and I'm happy to have been a part of the show!

NO CHILL: Alumni Exhibition
November 8-19, 2018
Opening: November 8, 2018, 5-10 pm
University of Illinois at Chicago
Great Space, 5th floor
400 S Peoria St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Resting in the chilly beginnings of another Chicago winter, NO CHILL is the School of Art & Art History’s fall 2018 open house event featuring public conversations, an alumni exhibition, BFA and MFA open studios, the opening of “Alien,” a show organized by the Museum and Exhibition Studies program, the launch of Something Other press, a micro imprint of the school inspired by the legacy of artist Dick Higgins, roving art historians, an ice cream social, and more.

NO CHILL embraces cold conceptualism, a notion that emerged at UIC almost two decades ago and thrown back now with a cool wink. The notion of “no chill” is a natural response to the current moment, in which urgency and rage course through our halls and walls. 

November 4, 2018, 11:15 am
Vinegar Hill Theatre
220 West Market Street
Charlottesville, VA 22902

Stones for Thunder will be screening before Lydia Moyer's feature, The Forcing, at this year's Virginia Film Festival in early November. Excited to play alongside Lydia's work and to check out the rest of the fest while we're there!

November 2, 2018-March 27, 2019, 8 pm-9 am daily
Screen Share Video Gallery (outside room 201)
Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts
915 E 60th St
Chicago, IL 60637

Screen Share Late Night is an ongoing program showing select works during the late hours in the Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts. This program focuses on works that speak to the typical nighttime television programming- public access tv, infomercials, self help programming, home shopping, etc.  Late Night: Program 1 features works by the following artists:

Jose Luis Benavides, Chicago, IL

Diamond Blackhawk, 2017, 2:09, HD video

Carey Lin & Gabriel Gilder, San Francisco, CA

Getting Into Shapes, 2018, 4:02, HD video

Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Chicago, IL

Local Ads from Faraway Places, 2014, 4:57 min, HD video

Photo: Sally Blood
Very honored to be on this year's Film 50: Chicago's Screen Gems list in Newcity Magazine! Chicago has been such a great city to make work in and I'm ever in awe of the lovely, talented people on this list that I get to hang out with.

Check out the full article written by Ray Pride here:

832 E Chambers Street
Milwaukee, WI 53212

The collaborative videos of Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney explore the relationship between cinematic artifice and ordinary affects. They capture and explode those potent feelings that surge up on the verge of sleep, when you are on the edge of your seat, when your seat is swept out from beneath you along with the rug beneath your feet. The work embraces collaboration, not merely between the two artists, but with their performers, collaborators, and students. In this way these works inhabit the contact zones between individuals and individual worlds, they become exercises in empathy.

Based in Chicago, Kera & Andrew's collaborative work began with a shared interest in the grammar of cinema, and grew to include an interest in liveness, which has been expressed and explored through various installations, videos, live broadcast performances, and the founding of ACRE TV, an artist-made live streaming tele-vision network.


West, 2014, 16mm film, 1 min
Local Ads From Faraway Places, 2014, HD video, 5 min
flok, 2008, 16mm film, 10:26 min
Abductive Object #4, 2013, HD video, 2:45 min
In a Perfect Fever, 2015, HD video, 8:20 min
Notes for a Vivisection, 2016, archived livestream broadcast (HD video and 16mm film), 9:50
School Section Lake, 2013, 16mm film, 1:48 min
Stones for Thunder, 2018, HD video and 16mm film, 16:20 min
TRT = 56'

$5 suggested donation to support the artists

TV Making Workshop with ACRE TV
August 18, 2018, 3-5:30 pm
Hosted by The 48203 Dance Show
333 Midland Street
Highland Park, MI 48203

Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, co-directors of ACRE TV will facilitate a three hour (with breaks!) workshop in which all participants will learn about and make LIVE and LIVE-TO-TAPE TV! All ages and experience levels are welcome, no equipment is required, though if you have a laptop or camera please bring it. In this workshop we will:
  • Look at some examples of live artist-made television, especially dance shows!
  • Take turns doing a multicam edit of footage from The 48203 Dance Show!
  • Set up a multi-cam livestream and practice live switching!
  • Broadcast our finished edits live on!
  • Bring lunch! We’ll provide snacks!
The 48203 Dance Show is an installation inspired by the under-recognized archive and legacy of The New Dance Show, through spatial workshops and a culminating dance showcase for youth and community members of Highland Park, Michigan and surrounding Detroit neighborhoods, our goal is to reflect and hold spaces where community members can amplify their voice and see themselves reflected within the history of the neighborhood and city they live in. ACRE TV will be collaborating with William Marcellus Armstrong and The 48203 Dance Show to facilitate this TV making workshop.

Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney are Chicago-based interdisciplinary artists working primarily in film, video, live broadcast, and installation. They maintain individual and collaborative practices and together founded ACRE TV. Their projects together have explored transmission; seams in the scenery; liveness, simultaneity and typologies of time; and the possibility and politics of making new images.

TV Making Workshop facebook event here.

July 18, 2018, 6 pm
Another Experiment by Women Film Festival
Anthology Film Archives
32 2nd Avenue at 2nd Street
New York, NY 10003


THE RACONTEUR; Rebecca Krasnik; Denmark/USA; 3.00
ARMS; Lucie Friederike Mueller; Austria / Germany; 2.57
PLEASE COME AGAIN; Alisa Yang; USA; 9.00
1st DAY & NEXT MINUTE; Sara Koppel; Denmark; 2.30
STONES FOR THUNDER; Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney; USA; 16:20
TRT: 52.03 minutes

curated by Lili White
sponsored  by: New Filmmakers NY
Admission: $7

Check out the Q&A from the screening here!

June 6-10, 2018
The Logan Theatre
2846 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

Shorts 5: Revealed Manifestation

Saturday, June 9, 2018, 2 pm

Stones for Thunder will be screening as part of the Revealed Manifestation program at the 25th Chicago Underground Film Festival. So excited to finally share this movie, to take part in the 25th anniversary of CUFF, and to be sharing screen time with Akosua Adoma Owusu and Mike Rollo. 

​On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures
In/Habit roving art series
Opening May 25, 2018, 6-9 pm
The Learning Machine
3145 S Morgan St
Chicago, IL 60647

PLANTS & ANIMALS: On Monsters, Cyborgs and Other Hybrid Creatures is a tentacular curatorial project comprising a series of performance, discussion, screening and broadcasting events on hybridity, ecologies and practices of inhabiting, interrogating Nature, and how we survive together.

Hybridity is offered here as artillery against the scourge of centuries old Western binaries. It is an invitation to once again think about the categories of machine/nature/human in more-than-human worlds, together with queer, feminist, and anti-racist politics.

​The Exhibit's Artist Line-up

Alicia Rose Obermeyer, Andrea Chu , CV Peterson, Charles Roberts, David Nasca, Jessica Nicole Gorse & Erin Delaney, Falak Vasa, Izzy True, Jan Brugger, Lindsey French, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Lissette-Tatiana Olivares, Maggie Umber, Manal Kara, Marina Cavadini, Marjorie Lemay, Meghan Moe Beitiks, Michael Malito, Mitsu Salmon, Nicole Lane, Pei-Ling Ho​, Rebecca Ladida & Ele Edreva, Selden Paterson, Suzanne Reid, Whit Forrester

Some thoughtful words from Patrick Friel about my new movie Stones for Thunder in CINE-FILE.

April 7, 2018, 10 pm
The Nightingale
1084 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

Channels: A Quarterly Film Series, curated by Erin Nixon and Josh Mabe, presents avant-garde, experimental, expanded cinema, performance, experimental narrative, documentary, and video and new media art at venues throughout Chicago. For our BYOB (Bring Your Own Bedding) microcinema sleepover, Channels will present films and videos by Madison Brookshire, Terra Long, Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Chloe Reyes, and more!

Afterwards feel free to settle in for an all-night movie-watching slumber party featuring deep cuts from the Nightingale archive and fueled by delicious snacks..


April 6, 2018, 8-11 pm
The Nightingale
1084 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60642

A televisual and multimodal fundraiser for the Nightingale Cinema. Join us irl or url or both for a cavalcade of performances and videos teasing out meaning and monies. Digging into the form and fun, this function features raffles, give-aways, ample opportunities to give to the endlessly vital microcinema right at the beating beautiful heart of Chicago screen culture. Bring your big bucks and best buds as MCs Hammer, Escher and Donald guide you through contemporary and historical tele-works, open the space for this place and goof for good.

Written, Directed, and Produced by Kate Bowen, Kera MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, and Andrew Mausert-Mooney!

Hosted by Katy Albert, Kate Bowen, Patrick Friel, Diana Rose Harper, Nellie Kluz, David Langkamp, Christy LeMaster, Mike Lopez, Jesse Malmed, Jimmy Schaus, and Seth Vanek!

Musical stylings by Sara Condo and Eddy Crouse!

Film and video works by Nina Barnett, Blair Bogin, Mary Helena Clark, Kevin Jerome Everson, Cameron Gibson & Kyle Schlie, Thad Kellstadt, Jodie Mack, Steve Reinke, Amina Ross, Mike Stoltz & Alee Peoples, and more!

This screening is part of NIGHTINGALE 10!, the tenth anniversary of the legendary Chicago microcinema. Check out all of the events happening as part of the celebration here.

Suggested donation $7-10

Traverse Vidéo
March 8, 2018, 9 pm [Local Ads from Faraway Places]
Cinémathèque de Toulouse
69 Rue du Taur
31000 Toulouse, France

March 11, 2018, 2 pm [Abductive Object #4]

Musée des Abattoirs
76 Allées Charles de Fitte
31300 Toulouse, France

Local Ads from Faraway Places and Abductive Object #4 have been selected to be screened at the 21st edition of Traverse Vidéo which will be held in Toulouse, France.

This year's theme is: The experimental has already begun?

Traverse Vidéo will be held at several cultural places around Toulouse (France) such as the Cinémathèque of Toulouse, ABC, UGC and Le Cratère cinemas, the Carmelites chapel and the Les Abattoirs museum, the Goethe Institut and also Prep'Art and Ozennes high-school.

So delighted to be a recipient of a 2018 Individual Artist Program Grant from the City of Chicago's Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE). This grant will allow Andrew Mausert-Mooney and I to finish our video Stones for Thunder. The list of artists who also received grants this round is very impressive and I'm honored to be working alongside them.

The book I curated, wrote, and designed along with my cohort of 2015-16 Field Trip / Field Notes / Field Guide Fellows was just released digitally, along with the 2016-17 volume. The book was produced as a small-run publication and is now available to download here!

Cinéma Les Variétés
37 Rue Vincent Scotto
13001 Marseille, France

The 11th edition of the RISC will take place from the 24th to the 29th of November in different locations in the city center of Marseille: Cinéma Les Variétés, Cinéma Le Gyptis, Cinéma Le Miroir, Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle de Marseille, Bibliothèque départementale des Bouches-du-Rhône, and Videodrome 2.

The festival proposes to discover a program of short and feature films (documentary, experimental, video art, animation) from an international selection, traveling in different scientific fields (from basic sciences to human and social sciences) in the presence of filmmakers and researchers invited to meet the public after each screening.

With the financial support of the Région Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, the Departmental Council of Bouches-du-Rhône and the City of Marseille.

The association Polly Maggoo is a member of the Culture Science PACA network.

When stranger things happen
Composed by Katherine Young
for Ensemble Dal Niente's
Piece Her Together
October 20-21, 2017, 7 pm
October 22, 2017, 3 pm
The Edge Theater
5451 N Broadway St.
Chicago, IL 60640

I'm thrilled to be doing the video design for When stranger things happen, an opera composed by Katherine Young as a part of Ensemble Dal Niente's event Piece Her Together, and can't wait to see how it all comes together. If you can come out in October to see a show please do!
"What makes a person who she is? Who does she seek to become? What objects in her world help her get there? What forces conspire to stop her? How do those around her influence how she is perceived? Piece Her Together features soprano Amanda DeBoer Bartlett in a fully-staged theatrical production of two mono-dramatic works: Eliza Brown's The Body of the State, a portrayal of Juana of Castile's imprisonment at the hands of her family which subverts the trope of the madwoman, and Katherine Young's When stranger things happen, a noir meditation on loss, myths of femininity, and the potential of the imagination.

Brown collaborated on the libretto for The Body of the State with members of a graduate class at the Indiana Women's Prison, whose recorded voices contribute to the electronic soundworld of the piece. Meanwhile, Young's work is inspired by Kelly Link's "The Girl Detective" whose investigation takes her into dreams and down into an underworld where lost things accumulate, generating lists of misplaced, missing, found, and untethered objects.  
Collaborators include Emmi Hilger (Director); Meriem Bahri (costume design); Kera MacKenzie (video design); and Nicholas Schwartz (scenic design)." - Ensemble Dal Niente
Tickets are $20/$15 and available online.
Facebook event here.

Sondra Perry, IT’S IN THE GAME ‘17 or Mirror
Gag for Vitrine and Projection (version 2), 2017
October 5, 2017, 6-7:30pm
Gallery 400
400 S. Peoria St.
Chicago, IL 60607

Curated by Danny Giles, Thinging Bodies brings together video work of artists employing the body as sculpture or prodding the relationship between our bodies and the object world. Contemporary visual practice can enlighten old and new discourses of materiality, the self, and objecthood by transgressing the boundaries of our conceptions of identity, 'thingness' and belonging. These works trouble our perceptions and understandings of the self and of the being of objects in space and time by exploring material life, and the ways in which our bodies are defined and differentiated in the world of things, objects and commodities. This screening explores new ways of embodying objects and ‘thinging’ bodies.

Zachary Fabri, Untitled (Failure Crossing the Einstein-Rosen Bridge), 1:37min
Sanaz Sohrabi, Disposables, 7:09 min
Mores Mcwreath, New World of Whiteness, 0:15 sec
Jefferson Pinder, Afro-Cosmonaut Alien (White Noise), 5:48 min
Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Kera MacKenzie, In a Perfect Fever, 8:24 min
Cauleen Smith with Taisha Paggett and Malyk Singleton, Lessons in Semaphore, 4:16 min
Robert Chase Heishman and Megan Schvaneveldt, Untitled, 4:03 min
Eliza Myrie, Ohh Manute (yellow), 1:00 min
Amina Ross, Peep Show, 1:23 min
Zachary Hutchinson, Rumble Bumble, 6:22 min
Christopher Meerdo, Near Extinct Species, 5:38 min
Sondra Perry, T’S IN THE GAME ‘17 or Mirror Gag for Vitrine and Projection, 16:20 min

Total run time: 62.25 min

October 4, 2017, 6pm
Timisoara, Romania

In a Perfect Fever will be showing in the video program as a part of this upcoming festival in Romania!

The full list of video-works selected for the SIMULTAN Festival screening program can be found here.


_Possible Futures_ 

\\___Preparing for the future does not require a correct prediction. A knowledge base on which to support action IS pre-pairing for the future. 
Paired doctrines. Paired concepts. _Preserving. Generating. The technological. The human. ___/_
_It is therefore tempting to refer to the expansion of technology as the progress. _Predictability is a matter of degree. _-///__
_ To not embrace determinism of the technology for basic rules in which the human plays.
_To have the dreams that are deserved-dream better. __ Aspirations as parametres for our existance – may they create IN nightmares? 
_What can be less controllable than dreams … //____
_ As information saturates there come curators, be capitally held responsible
for dreams above the loud bark of just any affirmation. ___/_

June 9-10, 2017
HC Media at Harbor Place
2-44 Merrimack St.
Haverhill, MA 01830

Friday, June 9, 9pm
What Time Is It? by Karine Versluis
This Must Be the Wood by Anna Hogg
dragons & seraphim by Sasha Waters Freyer
In A Perfect Fever by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney

Granular Film - Beirut by Charles-André Coderre
TWO by Christopher Spencer-Lowe
All Still Orbit by Sanja Padjen

Her Environment / The Nightingale
April 27, 2017, 7:30 pm
1084 N Milwaukee 
Chicago, IL 60642

Mantle (part I), is a video screening of artists reflecting on how the current changes effect us- impending limitations on our personhood based on race, class immigration status, how this manifests in our daily lives, and how our lives inevitably become our art.

Her environment is an expanded New Media art series highlighting feminine spectrum artists focusing on broadening the understanding of how New Media practices can be used in multiple forms of art making. Artists have shown work in performance, writing, light, textile, and sound as well as more traditional embodiments of the term “new media” including computer games, video installation and rendered worlds. Our aim is to show pieces that challenge how new media can be used, and the male dominated culture that surrounds it.

Paula Nacif – ♥ take care of you 2 ♥, 2017
Anja Morell – Selfie Theory #2, 2017
Traci Fowler – 2017
Julia Mellen babababe, 2017
Crystal Beiersdorfer Broken Conversation with Superficial Action, 2017
Leyla Rodriguez Homeless, 2017
Kera Mackenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Acre TV Live at the MCA – ACT 2: Inside Voices/Hollow Objects III, 2016

Programmed by Raul Benitez.


Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival (ICDOCS)
April 20-22, 2017
The University of Iowa
140 W Washington St
Iowa City, IA 52240

Competitive Program #6
Saturday, April 22, 2017, 5pm

Spotlight On A Brick Wall
Alee Peoples and Mike Stoltz
Self(ie;)Laura Iancu
Welcome to David Wojnarowicz Week Steve Reinke
Return To Forms Zachary Epcar
Cleaning the GlassBrett Kashmere
BloopersKarissa Hahn
In A Perfect FeverKera Mackenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
See A Dog, Hear A DogJesse McLean

February 18, 2017, 3:00 PM
Woodland Pattern Book Center
720 E Locust St
Milwaukee, WI 53212

aDifferent festival Program 4 //

Espectro cromático / Color spectrum
, Albert Alcoz
noise, Stefanie Weberhofer
Shooting Star, Pierre Yves Clouin
Suspended world 2, Aliénor Vallet, Alejandro Sajgalik
Local Ads from Faraway Places, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Missing In-Between the Physical Proper, Olivia Ciummo
The Stream VI, Hiroya Sakurai
Vegetation Walk, Anouk Chambaz & Julija Paskeviciute
283 frogs, Genadzi Buto

TRT Approx. 50 Minutes

A $5 donation is suggested to help support contributing artists and Woodland Pattern!

Sunday, November 13, 2016, 7:30-9:30 pm
322 Union Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
NY 11211

A live broadcast from the UnionDocs screening room with Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney (video artists and co-directors of ACRE TV, an artist-made livestreaming tele-vision network) and Christy LeMaster (director of The Nightingale, Chicago’s stellar long-running microcinema).  The evening will include selections from MacKenzie and Mausert-Mooney’s collaborative practice as well as tele-visual works previously played on ACRE TV, intercut by conversations and readings selected by the participants. The broadcast can be viewed live, simultaneously, on

November 1 – December 31, 2016
Four LIVE Performances December 13, 2016

Concept by Joseph Herring
Programmed by Joseph Herring, Kera MacKenzie, and Andrew Mausert-Mooney

RE/NIGHT/LIVE/MARE re- considers your nightmares; re- examines your daydreams; re- contextualizes pre-existing (video art? videotaped performance work? found footage?) through re- presenting, re- editing, re -mixing. Featuring works that re- search, re- consider, re- examine, re- contextualize nightmares, daydreams, flying-fancies, hyper-realities. Also included: live re- mixing pre- existing work with new live footage to re- consider it in under the cold, hard, clinical (or soft warm fuzzy *wicked grin ) light of the telematic screen.

Year Zero (0)

Saturday, August 27, 2016, 8-10pm
Forest Park Racquetball Courts (Stall #4)
5595 Grand Drive,
St. Louis, MO, 63112

The Transversal Project kicks off 2016/17 programming with YEAR ZERO (0) featuring selected work by Jessica Borusky, Zlatko Ćosić, Stephanie Kang, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Brent Williams, Paula Wilson and Cherry Xie.

We will be projecting in racquetball court stall #4. It is located behind the visitors center.

June 22-25, 2016
Officina d'Arte Ponte di Ferro
Via Carriona di Colonnata, 2
53033 Carrara, Italy

Ponte di Ferro is an independent association composed of artists, working mostly in marble, that began more than 10 years ago. It’s focus is to create a collaborative environment, with sculpting studios for local and international artists to work on personal projects. As in past years, Ponte di Ferro is organizing a symposium on art, though for the first time concentrating on video exclusively.

Lucciche (shimmering), which the symposium event draws inspiration from, are random markings in stone, seen as surface impurities of Crystal and Quartz that shimmer when in contact with light. The theme therefore is of imperfection, an accidental quality that points towards the irreproducible.

The outdoor symposium is divided into two main film programs each evening: Video Mapping Projections curated by Giacomo della Pina e Luca Afro (studio cyberfreak) and Single-Channel Video Screenings curated by Chicago based artist Marco G. Ferrari.

The outdoor symposium event is free and open to the public. The event is organized and sponsored by Ponte di Ferro and other collaborators. Every night, before and after the video screenings and mapping projections, performances and concerts will take place.



Mark Beasley; Rashayla Marie Brown; Osvaldo Cibils; Katherine Desjardins; Josh Duensing; Ayana Evans; Marco G. Ferrari; Amir George; Mike Gibisser; Adela Goldbard; Christopher Harris; Elisabeth Hogeman; Desirée Holman; David K. Ross; Anansi Knowbody; Kent Lambert; Alexandre Larose; Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney; Sharon Mansur; Nicole Mauser; Sandro Miller; Terence Nance; Cynthia Neal & Judy Hoffman; D.N. Rodowick; Galina Shevchenko; Paul Somers; Catherine Sullivan; Cassandra Troyan; Rambod Vala; Ramyar Vala; Danny Volk; Gareth Walsh; Eric Watts; Scott Wolniak; Michael Workman

Video! Video!: Breaking the Fifth Wall
June 15, 2016
The Dojo
Chicago IL

The Jury (Rosé Hernandez, Jonny Sommer, Christopher Gambino and Julia Zinn) have selected the following videos to be shown in June 2016's Video! Video! issue, Breaking the Fifth Wall!

Home Alone Horror Story: Melissa Hespelt

Tuna Rice Balls: Stephanie Kang
A Conversation Between Old Friends and Cohorts: Jamie Zeske
PORTRAIT OF A NUCLEAR FAMILY: Drew Hanks and Eda Yorulmazoglu
Nocturnes for Anatomers: Christina Kolozsvary
Panodraama: Valentine Siboni
I Am My Own Keeper pt2: Gertie Garbage
Local Ads from Faraway Places: Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
The Mourning Cloak Butterfly: Endam Nihan
remember / this / feeling: Lyra Hill

Allie Shyer also wrote about Local Ads from Faraway Places for the show, which you can read on Video! Video! Zine's website here:

"Local Ads from Faraway Places is about vision and perception as much as it is about familiarity."

"If notice can be thought of as a place, then that is where Local Ads from Faraway Places transpires; within the territory of heightened awareness."

"On the television, movie credits scroll for a film starring Meg Ryan and a cozy bearded man snoozes in the corner. It is clear that the room is familiar to the artist—as familiar as light through blinds in the afternoon or a Meg Ryan movie. It is this familiarity that allows us to be transported through the act of noticing and dissect the mundane through modes of visual storytelling." -AS

I'm thrilled to be a 2016 Artist in Residence at The Luminary! Drawn from a competitive application process and hailing from London, Little Rock, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York and more, the artists, critics and curators selected will live and work at The Luminary, producing a range of public programs throughout the year.

2016 Residents include: David Whelan (Queens/US + Athens/Greece), Haynes Riley (Little Rock/US), Ian Dolton-Thornton (Oakland/ US), Byzantia Harlow (London/UK), Mystery Spot Books (Minneapolis/US), TUG Collective -aka Gustavo and Gaelyn Aguilar (Portland, Maine/US), Alejandra Salinas Aeron Bergman (Seattle/US), Kera MacKenzie (Chicago/US), Maria Peccholi (Florence/Italy), Natalie Ball (Portland/US), Chloe Bass (New York/US), Arts.Black - Jessica Lynne and Taylor Renee Aldridge (Detroit/Brooklyn), Nightmare City (San Francisco/US + Berlin/Germany), and Nicolas Greiner (Montreal/Los Angeles).

May 21-July 2, 2016
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 21, 4-6 pm
Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center
6433 N Ravenswood Ave.
Chicago IL, 60626

Featuring works by Gwyneth Anderson, Janet Austin, George Berlin, Jessica Bingham, Michael D. Brown, Nicola Buttari, Karen Y. Chan, Julietta Cheung, Collabobo, Alicia Craft, David Craft, Vadim, Dadiomov, Carolina Fernandez Del Dago, Gary Duehr, Adam Farcus, Leah Floyd and Cristina Molina, Snow Yunxue Fu, Nick Fury, Yhelena Hall, Erin Hayden, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, Mauricio Herrero, Ruth Hodgkins, Sarra Jahedi, Kara Johnson, Jonathan Kaiser, Dave Kennedy, Joshua Kent, Thomas Kong, Craig Kraft, Dorothy Krakauer and Diane Ponder, Gabrielle Kroese, Beatriz Ledesma, Leigh Anthony Dehaney, Léon XLVII, Kera MacKenzie and Robert MacKenzie, Nathan Margoni, Alexander Martin, Martha Morimoto, Liam O'Connor, Klaus Pinter, Tim Porter, Emily Schulert, Eva Mae Sedjo, Jean Smith, Nathan Smith, Sanaz Sohrabi, Elena Solomon, Nectarios Stamatopoulos, Ruby Thorkelson, Nick Van Zanten, Sara Willadsen, Chris Wille, Gary Wiseman, and others.

Blueprints at Chicago Industrial Arts & Design Center will explore and celebrate the initial ideas that provide the spark for creative projects.

This exhibition is being organized in collaboration with Roman Susan, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to develop and support new, locally-focused opportunities to display, create, and experience art in Rogers Park.


Tuesday, April 26, 2016, 6-7:30 pm
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E Chicago Ave.
Chicago IL, 60611

ACRE TV presents a live performance, with playwrights, actors, artists, and a studio audience collaboratively producing and broadcasting LIVE television on An hour and a half of living cinema—like a play in which actors meet in the edit.

Featuring performances by Kelly Lloyd and Jesse Malmed, live music by Ryan Sullivan, acting by Monette McLin and David Lawrence Hamilton, and a new scene written by Calamity West and Nate Whelden. Produced by Kate Bowen, Kera MacKenzie, and Andrew Mausert-Mooney.

Admission is FREE for this event.

Jiyoung YoonBlowfish Like (still)
Saturday, April 2, 2016, 8 pm
Chicago Filmmakers
5243 N Clark St.
Chicago IL, 60640

Second screening
Tuesday, April 5, 2016, 6:30 pm
Columbia College
600 S Michigan Ave

Chicago Filmmakers presents an evening with ACRE. Curated in the spirit of Showtime, a screening that takes place during the residency of video and performance works, After Dinner Before Dancing features works made at ACRE by ACRE residents and visiting artists.

Programmed by Kate Bowen, Eric Fleischauer, Tony Balko, Marina Balko and Jesse Malmed.

Artists: C Matthew Luther, Alex Chitty, Jessica Harvey, Kera Mackenzie and Andrew Mausert Mooney, Caitlin Arnold, Mandy Cano Villalobos and Aaron Henderson, Rachel Starbuck, GURL DON’T BE DUMB, Eric Fleischauer, Nick Wylie, John Paul Glover, Marina Balko, Leo Kaplan, Blair Bogin, Jim Drain, Jiyoung Yoon, Thomas Friel, Yaloopop, Ali Aschman and Nick Tuinstra, Jesse Malmed, Dave Essa

Tickets are $8.00 and available online or at the door.

The Luminary
March 25-May 20, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, March 25, 7 -10 pm
Open hours: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12-6 pm and Thursday 11-7pm
2701 Cherokee St.
St. Louis, MO 63118

"Opening on Friday, March 25th, Document V serves as an official record of Temporary Art Review as a public form, summarizing the first five years of collective research by a disparate group of artists, curators, observers, activists and critics.

Document V suggests itself as an exhibition, but also perhaps a collectively-formed curricula, public reading group, or durational performance. Regardless of its official form, it is a historical manifestation of an immaterial process we call a publication.

Document V expands past the gallery to include commissioned public performances, web-based interventions, site-specific readings and immaterial actions. Participating artists and projects include: ACRE TV; Colin Alexander; Anxious to Make (Liat Berdugo and Emily Martinez); Mike Calway-Fagen; Steven Cottingham; Paul Druecke; Nihaal Faizal; Good Weather (Haynes Riley presenting Matthew Kerkhof); Sam Gould/Red 76; Gelare Khosgozaran; Jonathan Hanahan; Michael Powell; Museum of Capitalism; Ryder Richards; Signal Fire; Ryan Thayer; Transversal Projects; Christine Wong-Yap; Caroline Woolard and Lika Volkova and others. Additionally, a commemorative book and exhibition catalog will follow later in the year.

ACRE TV Archive presented with
Transversal Projects, Photo: The Luminary

ACRE TV Poster Archive, Photo: The Luminary

Selected from the site’s contributors and archives, these artists test the boundaries of art and other fields – not only to define, defend and expand that space, but to develop, improve, and bring those methodologies back to the public sphere – to make a public, perhaps, in its accumulation. These works serve both as evidence, or documents, of larger maps of relations, and as models of common activities, habits and procedures that aim to sustain themselves, at least temporarily. 

We presume that attitudes do in fact become form, both symbolic and concrete. We present these documents as an extension of ideas outward among unpredictable publics. We propose to gather in our complexity and articulate a collectivity. We invite you to join us." -The Luminary

Friday, March 4, 2016, 8-10 pm ET
105 Hood St., Ste 5
Durham NC, 27701

Screening curated by Anna Kipervaser focusing on filmmakers in The Great Lakes region of the USA.

Lived and imagined realities merge. Realms we move through neither static nor changing, histories permeating. Interior traversals lead only to symbols. Symbols separated by distance. More symbols. And yet. Somehow, each step taken, moves us closer and closer.

Jesse McLean / REMOTE / 2011 / 11:00 / sound
Ben Balcom / CEOL (RUINSONG) / 2014 / 4:50 / sound
Emily Oscarson / THE WEIGHT OF AN IMAGE, OR INTERPLANETARY TRAVEL / 2013 / 3:45 / sound
Thomas Comerford / FIGURES IN THE LANDSCAPE / 2002 / 12:00 / sound
Ben Balcom / NOTES FROM THE INTERIOR / 2015 / 11:00 / sound
John Powers / THE SOMBER VAULT / 2014 / 5:50 / silent
Kera MacKenzie + Andrew Mausert-Mooney / LOCAL ADS FROM FARAWAY PLACES / 2014 / 5:00 / sound
Sky Hopinka / JÁAJI APPROX / 2015 / 07:37 / sound
Total Runtime: 62min

(entry: $5)

The Set Speaks
February 8 - March 31, 2016


Propeller Fund Studios
Mana Contemporary
2233 S Throop St, 4th flr.
Chicago IL, 60608

The problem is to make space speak, to feed and furnish it; like mines laid in a wall of rock
which all of a sudden turns into geysers and bouquets of stone.
–Antonin Artaud, The Theater of Cruelty (First Manifesto)

The Set Speaks is a two-month continuous live stream featuring seven artist-groups who will produce week-long performances from a 641 square foot studio in Chicago. Provided with 24/7 access, four cameras, a video switcher, a computer and a connection to the internet, each group will create their own 168-hour live, durational work. Borrowing from the ubiquitous forms of nature cams and security feeds, the live broadcasts will be equal parts moving image works and portraits of the artists at play, rest, rehearsal, and performance. Taking shape and enduring alongside the viewers’ real-times, the interests and subjectivities embedded in the works will amount to seven takes on simultaneity. Stop-by, call-in, and watch: YYYYMMDD#NewGlobalMatriarchy, 2 Queens in a Kitchen, soap operas, still LIVEs, and more.

Week 1: February 8 - 14 / Eke Name Kera MacKenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Jesse Malmed

Week 2: February 15 - 21 / YYYYMMDD Blair Bogin
Week 3: February 22 - 28 / #OpenTVMarathon Open TV: Darling Shear, King is a Fink, Fatimah Asghar with Jamila Woods, Honey Pot Performance, LADY/WATCH (Tien Tran and Kieran Kredell), Eli McKinnon, Shea Couleé, TRQPiTECA LIVE (with with Cqqchifruit and Natalie Mercedes (La Spacer) and performances by Molly Hewitt and Ariel Zetina), Kai Green, Anna Martine Whitehead, James Welch and Mlondolozi Zondi
Week 4: February 29 - March 6 / the strangest gathering since the destruction of the Tower of Babel Adela Goldbard
Week 5: March 7 - 13 / #NewGlobalMatriarchy Stephanie Graham and Maya Mackrandilal
Week 6: March 14 - 20 / Amina Ross with performances by Jory Drew, twinskin (Joelle Mercedes and Amina Ross), and Rashida KhanBey (Rashi)
Week 7: March 21 - 31 / By Way of Today Cameron Gibson and Kyle Schlie

February 2016
Videodrome 2
49 Cours Julien
13006 Marseille, France

In a Perfect Fever is available for viewing every Thursday, 15-18h along with 232 other films. If you're in France go peruse the library for me.

233 films, 203 authors, 40 countries Argentina / Australia / Austria / Belgium / Brazil / Bulgaria / Burkina / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Greece / Iceland / India / Ireland / Italy / Japan / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Pakistan / Poland / Russia / Serbia / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Taiwan / Tajikistan / Turkey / Ukraine / United Kingdom / USA /

Reality is Negotiable
45th International Film Festival Rotterdam
January 29 (20:15) and 30 (14:30), 2016
Rotterdam, Netherlands

Eventually, not everything has to be as unambiguous as it seems at first. Reality sometimes needs a helping hand.

Erysichton by Jon Rafman
In a Perfect Fever by Kera Mackenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Ears, Nose and Throat by Kevin Jerome Everson
The Everyday Ritual of Solitude Hatching Monkeys by Basim Magdy
A Man Returned by Mahdi Fleifel

Drew and I wrote a piece for Facets about liveness in film. Check it out here.

I've been thrilled to be a part of a new trans-disciplinary consortium program between UIC, SAIC, and UofC. We've already been on some really excellent field trips, including a behind the scenes tour of the Field Museum's collection, and I can't wait to see how it evolves and the book we come up with at the end.

You can read more about the consortium and the other fellows I'm working with here, the field trip that I co-organized to a data center here, and a UIC News article written about the initiative here: "Collaboration aims to keep artists in Chicago."

Edinburgh Artists' Moving Image Festival
December 9, 2015, 8:30 pm (GMT)
Edinburgh Filmhouse
88 Lothian Road
Scotland, UK

Celebrating international video art and experimental film, the inaugural Edinburgh Artists' Moving Image Festival (EAMIF) is a chance to see something truly different. Take a leap from conventional cinema into our diverse programme of contemporary artists who challenge what we see on the screen. The festival aims to discover new artistic talent and widen the appreciation of artists’ moving image, whilst providing a platform for critical discourse. 

Wednesday's program Stina Wirfelt and International Shorts:

The stories of a misplaced mural, a Hollywood film set, an Irish ghost town and a deck of playing cards converge in Fire Work by Stina Wirfelt, whilst Sean Paul and a washing machine are the surprise stars of Oasis and The Wash House. These will be shown alongside shorts by international artists whose work considers the construction of narrative and meaning in on 
screen space.

Featuring: Samuel Devereux, Raphael Giannesini, Aleksander Isaenko, Kalun Leung, Kera Mackenzie, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Arban Severin, Valentine Siboni, Paul Stewart & Stina Wirfelt

Screening will be followed a Q&A between Stina Wirfelt and Tom Nolan, Co director of Rhubaba Gallery and Studios. There shall be a specially commissioned text by Nolan.

Book tickets here.

ALSO, check out a short Q&A Drew and I did with the festival here.

RIPE LEEKS: dismantling hollywood
Saturday, November 21, 2015, 7 pm
1740 W 18th St.
Chicago IL, 60608

The spectator becomes the spectacle in this program of mish/mashed footage drawn from the creation, duration, and reverberations of mainstream movies. STARRING: Bill Murray, Gene Hackman, Meg Ryan, Taylor Lautner and Mark Wahlberg like you've never seen them before!

Local Ads from Faraway Places - Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, 2014
Transformers: The Premake - Kevin B. Lee, 2014
More Than This - Michael Wawzenek, 2013
Shapeshifters - Jillian Hansen-Lewis
Hacked Circuit - Deborah Stratman, 2014

Total runtime ~ 1 hr

--RIPE LEEKS is a quarterly screening series that exclusively showcases recent film and video work by Chicago-based artists.

Following Nonhuman Kinds: The Plant Symposium
Sector 2337
Saturday, November 14, 2015, 6:30-7 pm
2337 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago IL, 60647

Fereshteh Toosi, the Laboratory for Material Thinking, Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney will lead two workshops, and screen one film.

Saturday's events include:
2-3:30pm - "Botanical Photograms Workshop" by Fereshteh Toosi
In the mid 1850s, botanist Anna Atkins used a direct printing method called cyanotype to document the plants she was studying. During this hands-on workshop, participants will use the same techniques, developing blueprints using just the sun and water. Together the group will compose images of plant matter and other materials found during a field trip.

4-6pm - "Attention Feeder Workshop" by the Laboratory for Material Thinking
The Attention Feeder is a two hour collective exercise in prolonged attention. For it, the Laboratory for Material Thinking will begin by creating a shared vocabulary for use during a series of guided narratives on the interwoven relationship between living, nonliving, and human perception, as a way to perceive in less anthropocentric ways.

6:30-7pm - "havoc and tumbled" a film by Kera MacKenzie + Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Directors Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Kera MacKenzie and actor Nate Whelden produce live television from one angle and theater from another. Recorded in front of a studio audience during Live to Tape: Artist-Television Festival, May 2015, Chicago, a man attends to the tasks at hand, amidst disruptions. On the other side of the stage/edit: the story of changing American landscapes and the inner character of rare plant life that thrive below telephone lines.
This event is part of a Following Nonhuman Kinds: The Plant Symposium, a series of talks, workshops, and performances that explore vegetal life in conjunction with Sector 2337's current exhibition, Imperceptibly and Slowly Opening. A full list of events is available here.

Altered States
Coastal Currents Arts Festival
Saturday, August 29, 2015, 6-10 pm
Sunday, August 30, 2015, 2-6 pm
Electro Studios St Leonards, UK 

Local Ads from Faraway Places will be screening at this upcoming festival in the UK.

Altered States is an immersive multi-screen show of the latest experimental film and video work curated by the Hastings-based filmmakers Toby Tatum and Mark French. Altered States features moving image by the some of the most fascinating international moving image practitioners working today, much of it unseen in the UK. The fruits of a worldwide search for works that articulate film’s power to initiate heightened states of consciousness, transporting us across the threshold into a mind- expanding visionary state. A selection of cutting edge films that imaginatively reshapes the base materials of the everyday world into something rich and strange.

Video! Video! Zine 1
August 2015
Online at

Website Launch and Screening: Saturday, August 1, 8:45 pm
Giron Books
2141 W 21st St.
Chicago, IL 60608

10 videos selected by the jury (Sofia Moreno, Kaycee Conway, Ellen Nielsen and Caleb Yono) will screen for the launch of the new online extenuation of the project Video! Video! A VHS Zine.

Featured Works:
Video Video by Allison Zuckerman
The Confuserella Show AKA I Need a Shrink by Ariel Jackson
with innocent wide full gull eyes by Brogan Drissel
Natasha by Chris Collins
Cloud Down by Cory Feder
BUSINESS CRUSH by Isabelle McGuire
Urban Onamism by Jose Luis Benavides
In a Perfect Fever by Kera Mackenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
Freak Shows by Lily Feingold
The Ratio of Effort to Effect by Scott Wolniak

AND clips from Lori Felker's ( curation on the website.
AND a segment of Heather Lynn's Interview talking about Video, Chicago and her new, Play Genesis and Nemesis.

havoc and tumbled, install shot
Roman Susan, July 2015
Drew and I got a nice review of our show in Newcity by Paul Smith. Read the whole thing here:

havoc and tumbled
new works by Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney
July 11-25, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, July 11, 8 pm
Open Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 4-7 pm, Saturday 12-3 pm
Roman Susan
1224 W. Loyola Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626

The collisions and ecstasy of 3, 2, 1 . . . and the 6,028th time it gets called. What happens in the limbs, in the gut, on the lips, when everyone in the room locks on synch? Learning To Inherit The Long Slog. In order to be ready we're lining the windows with plants that thrive in tumult, turning on our TVs, and battening down to find a few kinds of time: 3, 2, 1. . . .

Please join us for havoc and tumbled, an installation featuring video, 16mm film, sound, and painting.

I'm thrilled to announce that ACRE TV will be a Production Space Resident at the Propeller Fund's studios for a year!

Propeller Fund is proud to announce the 2015-2016 Pilot Program residents, Floating Museum and Honey Pot Performance. The Pilot Program residency at Mana Contemporary provides ongoing support to Propeller grantees by awarding two free studio spaces to former grantees for a year for the incubation of new projects. The Propeller Fund production and exhibition space at Mana also welcomes 2015-2016 residents DINCA Vision Quest and ACRE TV. Propeller’s second year of residencies follows 2014-2015 Pilot Program residents Radius and Multiuso, an initiative formed out of A Day Without Public Art in Pilsen.

While in residence, ACRE TV will transform the Propeller production space at Mana into a TV studio and publicly accessible broadcast station. Live and commissioned shows by artists will be hosted in the exhibition space and watch parties and events will be offered to ACRE TV’s community of artist-made television fans.

STROBE Network
June 13-21, 2015 &
Flux Factory
39-31 29th St.
Long Island City, NY 11101

Inside Voices Hollow Objects and documentation from my recent performance with Andrew Mausert-Mooney and Nate Whelden, Space Pursues Them, will be included in STROBE Network, a new temporary broadcast network by Flux Factory. Check out the packed schedule here and the full line-up of artists here!

Live To Tape: Artist Television Festival
May 18-24, 2015
Links Hall
3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Links Hall is proud to present Live to Tape Artist Television Festival, a week-long --- of performances and screenings of --- May 18-24, curated by Links Hall Artistic Associate Jesse Malmed. Seven days of live talk shows, historical and contemporary moving image works and commissioned performances, television-as object, as concept, as antagonist, as material, as form, as inspiration-is unscrambled and reconceived. By turns hilarious and heartfelt, wonky and wild.

Live to Tape gives us a glimpse into the futures and pasts of artist television. Over the course of the festival, Live to Tape will present a wide variety of performances and screenings organized into eight different programs. The eight different programs are Aesthletics, The Sitcom Set, Dial-A-Soap, Ecstatic Static, No News, Make Me Psychic, Cable Excess and Sketch Book. Each program will consist of a video screening followed by a talk show.

Live To Tape: No News

Friday, May 22, 2015, 7pm

NEWS is supposed to come from the four cardinal directions. The constituents ring in, the weather is reported with real live rain, the whole thing starts and ends with names. All you have to do is act naturally. Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 1, Camera 2, Camera 3, Camera 3, the world arrives in starts and stanzas. Every house is filled with representatives.

Featured Artists:

Kera MacKenzie / Andrew Mausert-Mooney / Nate Whelden - Space Pursues Them
Tyrone Davies - At the Commercial Break She Started Screaming
Videofreex - Video Games
Videofreex - Taping of Video Games (excerpt)
Ximena Cuevas - Tombola
Jesse McLean - Somewhere Only We Know
Damian Lebiedzinski - Snowball Diatribe
Lori Felker - Broken News
Shehrezad Maher - Dimensions of a Fish
Andrew Filippone Jr.- 'Charlie Rose' by Samuel Beckett
Chris Little - Life During Wartime is a song by the Talking Heads
Marisa Williamson - Talk Show

Tickets are $10/$12
Festival Passes are: $35 online ($40 at the door)

Chicago Underground Film Festival
May 13-17, 2015
The Logan Theatre
2846 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647

SHORTS 12: Of Ever-Ever Land I speak
Sunday, May 17, 2015, 5pm

In a Perfect Fever will be playing as part of Of Ever-Ever Land I speak at the 22nd Chicago Underground Film Festival on the last day of the festival. I'm thrilled to be back at CUFF this year and to be premiering a new sound mix and edit for the video Andrew Mausert-Mooney and I co-directed. Come on out for five days of undergound cinema!

ACRE TV LIVE!: Notes for a Vivisection
Saturday, January 10, 2015, 4pm
ACRE TV Video Installation
November 7-January 25, 2015, 24/7
Hammond Regional Arts Center
217 E Thomas St.
Hammond, Louisiana
Prospect.3: Notes for Now (P.3) is an international contemporary art biennial based in New Orleans. As part of its mission to support the neighboring communities, Prospect New Orleans has implemented a satellite program, P.3+ Regional, and will be offering a bus trip to Hammond, Louisiana on January 10, 2015 for the P.3+ Hammond Excursion Weekend. In conjunction with the bus trip, Hammond Regional Arts Center has organized a train trip, bringing artists from Chicago, Memphis, and Jackson for the January 9th – 11th weekend.
ACRE TV currently has a video installation on view 24/7 at the Hammond Regional Arts Center, featuring a selection of ACRE TV’s best videos by Joseph Herring, Amanda Bowles, Bonnie Begusch, Chaz Evans, Dan Olsen, Dao Nguyen, Sara Condo, Alpha Girls (Alma Alloro & Jennifer Chan), Ben Popp, Ben Russell, Blair Bogin, Hani Moustafa, Peter Burr, The I, Daughter of Kong Center For Research, Jerstin Crosby, Leslie Rogers, Tara Nelson, Danny Volk, and Thad Kellstadt.
Andrew Mausert-Mooney and I have also been invited to host a screening and live editing performance on the afternoon of January 10th. To join ACRE TV on the train or in Hammond go here for more details!

ACRE TV received a $2000 Propeller Fund grant and we are absolutely thrilled! Please join us at the awards ceremony to celebrate all of the great projects this grant supports.

Propeller Fund proudly announces the fifteen grant recipients for 2014. Selected from a pool of over one-hundred candidates, these small, self-organized, and radical projects are vital to Propeller's mission of promoting diversity and small-scale interventions in Chicago’s visual art world. Propeller Fund offers $50,000 (five grants at $6,000 and ten grants at $2,000) annually to artists producing a wide range of public culture. This year’s recipients will be recognized in an award ceremony on Thursday, October 16

Propeller Fund 2014 Award Ceremony and Reception
Come celebrate the grant recipients and the community with food, drink, and a reception at Mana Contemporary Chicago. The 2014 Propeller Fund Award Ceremony will be followed by an opening reception for the work of 2013 Propeller Awardee Fultonia.

Thursday, October 16, 6–9pm
Mana Contemporary
2233 South Throop Street
Chicago, IL 60608
Award Ceremony: 6:30pm, UIC space, 5th floor
Fultonia Now Exhibition Reception: 7-9pm, Propeller Fund, 4th floor
Free and open to the public

In a Perfect Fever, 2015 (still)
Half Suffocated
October 8, 2014, 7-9pm
Gallery 400
400 S Peoria St.
Chicago IL
Inspired by Los Angeles art collective My Barbarian’s explorations of feminist legacies, maternal symbolism, and their own roles as cultural producers, the films and videos in Half Suffocated star shaken sons, dazed daughters, multifarious moms, and a Brechtian lightbulb that shines a light on it all. Interruptions abound via stuttering motion, graceful repetitions, and shocks to the surface. Separated by decades, intents, and methods—but clashing playfully—these works knowingly allude to the serious artistic, political, social and historical situations that My Barbarian reenacts.
Gallery 400 is pleased to announce a new partnership with Chicago Filmmakers, in which exhibition themes are expanded upon by film programs and unique viewing experiences.
Martin Arnold, Alone: Life Wastes Andy Hardy, 1998, 16mm, 15 min.
Marjorie Keller, Daughters of Chaos, 1980, 16mm on dvd, 20 min.
Malcolm Le Grice, Castle 1, 1966, 16mm with light bulb, 20 min.
Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, In a Perfect Fever, 2015, video.
Also, check out the CINE-FILE write up for the screening HERE!

Conjuring (in-progress shot)

Theoretical Archaeology Group 2014 Conference
May 23-25, 2014, 8am-5pm
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Illini Union building (The Colonial Room)
1401 West Green Street
Urbana, IL 61801

During the Theoretical Archaeology Group 2014 Conference, Kate Bowen, Lauren Edwards and myself will be exhibiting an installation that began as a six-foot by six-foot stage in Chicago on which a re-enactment of Freud's consultation room occurred. Looking forward to great talks and thinking through an archaeological approach to art-making.

June 6, 2014, 7 & 9pm
June 7, 2014, 7:30pm
Aurora Picture Show
2442 Bartlett Street
Houston, TX 77098

Abductive Object #4 will be screening at the Extremely Shorts Film Festival at Aurora Picture Show in three separate screenings. All films are under 3 minutes. Finally a festival for the lightning fast and hyper-condensed!

Local Ads from Faraway Places, 2014 (still)
Accompanied by Image
May 9, 2014, 8pm
High Concept Laboratories
2233 Throop St.
Chicago, IL 60608

High Concept Laboratories is excited to begin a new series that invites guest curators and creators to craft a "thesis" through the lens of contemporary film programming. We ask, "whose work informs your interests? What emerging (and Chicago-based) filmmakers should we be watching?" Our guests provide the answers. Join us as Erin Nixon brings in the inaugural evening with Accompanied by Image, plus special guest film installation, MORSE by Fabrice Croizé. 
Reception to follow screening. 

Artists in Accompanied by Image program include: Malic Amalya, Lisa Barcy, Heather Brown, Emilie Crewe, Fabrice Croizé, Amy Lockhart, Kera MacKenzie and Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Julie Perini, Kate Raney, Anne Charlotte Robertson, Kelly Sears, Daviel Shy, Jennifer Sullivan, Karen Yasinsky

Abductive Object #4, 2013 (still)

April 2-6, 2014
The Logan Theatre
2646 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647 

Abductive Object #4 will be playing on the big screen as part of the Chicago Underground Film Festival on Friday night in "Shorts Program 3: Negate Sin." Looking forward to being a part of this great festival!

March 21-27, 2014, 10am-5pm
Museum of Contemporary Art
220 E Chicago Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

The NIGHTINGALE is a rough-and-ready microcinema located in Chicago’s Noble Square neighborhood. Dedicated to screening emerging work across film, video, and new media genres, it hosts more than 50 events a year and serves as a hub for Chicago’s vibrant cinema community. From mid-March to mid-April, dozens of Chicago-based artists and fourteen local programmers organize under quick timelines and loose thematic guides to inhabit a monitor on fourth floor of the MCA.

Ready and not. Read-y, ready, readiness, already and made, the works in this hour long program explore, report, introduce, rework, sing and travel through notions of preparation and repair, lives and deaths, the mysterious and the ill-conceived, bowling with no pins and reading in the 21st century. See: sustainable sourcing commingled with speculative speakings, languid landscapes, cartoons and paintings. Hear: Tull, Paterra, “JT”. The questions are wry and show and here.

Artists in READY program include: Tony Balko, Lori Felker, Eric Fleischauer, Cameron Gibson, Robert Chase Heishman + Megan Schvaneveldt, Jeremiah Jones, Kera MacKenzie, Steve Reinke, Mary Scherer, Deborah Stratman, Scott Wolniak

February 15, 2014, 5pm-12am
Mana Contemporary & Online 
2233 S. Throop St.
Chicago, IL 60608

Very excited to be launching ACRE TV, a new artist-run tele-vision network that features live and canned video, performances, durational works, and experimental broadcasts.

Our first show Please Stand By is a continuous broadcast of test patterns created for the ACRE TV network by the following artists: Jeffrey Michael Austin, Tony Balko, Jon Chambers, Chaz Evans, Kristina Felix, Lori Felker, Lindsey French, Mike Gibisser, Cameron Gibson, Daniel Giles, Allison Leigh Holt, Mark Kent, Chris Little, Kera MacKenzie, Jesse Malmed, Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Brendan Meara, Dan Paz, Haynes Riley, Kyle Schlie, Megan Schvaneveldt, Fern Silva, Vincent Tiley, Eric Watts.

image: Jesse Malmed

February 12-16, 2014
College Art Association Conference
720 S Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

“Broadcasting” from Room 2170 at the Chicago Hilton during CAA, WACH (pronounced watch) is an exhibition of artist-made videos and films. Stored on a media player and connected to the hotel television, WACH offers viewers/stayers/arters the radically limited television option of ON and OFF. 

Since 2014, WACH has brought its viewers the highest quality moving image works invested in notions of travel, transitory spaces, temporary place-making and the politics and poetics surrounding them! Entrenched in and entranced by the site-specificity of the television, many of our top programs are about the place they live. Works are drawn from the vast history and present of artists whose works are engaged in the idea of broadcast as well as those with an interest in itinerance.


Artists include: Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Ben Balcom, Bryan McManus, Cameron Gibson, Charles Chadwick, Chris Little, Chris Rice, Christina Kolozsvary, Christy LeMaster, Clint Enns, Derek Taylor, Dustin Flannery-McCoy, Dustin Zemel, Eric Watts, Fern Silva, Filipe Afonso, Han Han Li, Hanna M. Owens, Hannah Schulman, Haruka Mitani, Insa Langhorst, Jaime Cleeland, Jason Halprin, Jax Deluca & Kyle Marler, Jeremy Newman, Jessie Stead, John Szczepaniak, John Woods, Jon Chambers, Jona Pelovska, Katie Urban, Kelly Gallagher, Kera MacKenzie & Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Kevin B. Lee, Kiran Chandra, Lori Felker, Marianna Milhorat, Markus Bowie, Matt Nixon, Matt Shaw, Meredith Lackey, Michael Betancourt, Michael Morris, Peter Snowdon, Peter Snowdon and Juan Javier Rivera Andia, Rami George, Robert Edmondson, Sasha Litvintseva, Snow Yunxue Fu, Stephanie Hutin, Stephen Quinlan, Sunset Television, Walter Forsberg, Youjin Moon, Zachary Epcar 

Station Manager: Jesse Malmed

image: Jesse Malmed
Reverse Shot: Rehydrating the Randolph Street Gallery's Experimental Film Coalition
part of Extinct Entities Festival
January 11, 2014, 7pm
Links Hall
3111 N Western Ave.
Chicago, IL 60618

Drawn from a screening (and another screening or two) by the now-defunct Experimental Film Coalition at the even more defunct Randolph Street Gallery, Jesse Malmed will reverse-engineer and recreate a screening using the opaque, often poetic, and fleeting descriptions artists give their work. Descriptions that attend program notes for screenings and the catalogues of distribution organizations will be activated and interpreted by makers and performers, allowing traces of these works to find their way to new eyes and ears again.

Performances By: Alejandro T. Acierto and Rob Lundberg

Film + Video Works By: Marianna Milhorat, Melissa Myser, Ian Curry, Matt Shaw, Kera MacKenzie + Andrew Mausert-Mooney, Lori Felker, Theo Darst, Eric Fleischauer, Jeremiah Jones, Ben Popp, Hanna M. Owens, Chris Little and Courtney Prokopas. 

Tickets are $8/$5
Festival Passes are: $30

Lake Mead - Hoover Dam: The Story
Behind the Scenery, 2012 (still)
December 2013 - May 2014 
An online space dedicated to the video still and curated by Karen Chan-Baggetta.

Separate from the video itself, the still can be appreciated for its own strange, ambiguous, textural, graphic, haunting and/or ephemeral qualities. It can tell part of a story and leave much to the viewer's imagination. What is the artist's thought process in selecting a still? What's the significance of the details in this one frame (or moment)? We can ask these questions or just admire the video still simply for its mystery.

Video stills from 21 artists will be shown; the participating emerging and established artists from around the world were invited or selected through an open call to be a part of this project.

Artists: Zack Bent, Andrew Binkley, Yoon Cho, Steve Cossman, Bryant Davis, Max Gleason, Faith Holland, Jane V Hsu, Kera MacKenzie, A. Bill Miller, Jeroen Nelemans, Heidi C. Neubauer, Paul O'Donoghue, Renzo Ortega, Charmaine Ortiz, Laura Simpson, Hyla Skopitz, Simone Stoll, Ellen Wetmore, James Woodward, Frank Zadlo

December 12, 2013, 9:30pm 
LIVE Tele-Vision Broadcast
in conjunction with Slow Gallery and Cam4
Chicago IL

Tune in!!

David Oresick, What's Wrong, 2013 (still) 
November 20, 2013, 6pm
Museum of Contemporary Photography
600 S Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605

Astronauts report experiencing a cognitive shift in awareness upon returning to Earth due to the dramatic change in perspective caused by observing the Earth from space. For the few who have seen this planet from afar, the sense that human life is vulnerable or trivial can be overwhelming. Video Playlist: Gravitational Pull features video works that examine similar mental shifts and alterations to the perception of everyday experience that are brought about by observing, repositioning, and imagining the world from a changed viewpoint.

Video Playlist is a recurring series of one-night public video screenings programmed in response to MoCP exhibitions. Featuring work by: Basma Alsharif, Cameron Gibson, David Oresick, Kera Mackenzie, and Ana Vaz.

Wonder Machine sketch, Courtney Prokopas, 2013

October 12-19, 2013
Joshua Tree, CA - Albuquerque, NM

WONDER MACHINE launches on Friday, October 18th in Belen, New Mexico

I'm very honored to be participating in High Desert Test Sites 2013 with my collaborator Courtney Prokopas. Wonder Machine: Belen Mirage is a giant human-powered zoetrope that we are installing on land in an abandoned sub-development in Belen, New Mexico, which Courtney bought for $1 on ebay.

On the evening of Wonder Machine's opening, we will also be hosting a series of performances by Joseph Herring called High Desert Mink Hole, which involves Neo-Fluxus-Suitcases, and an animal to plant telepathic-telecommunication machine. We are very excited about communing with all the with desert critters!

HDTS also has a fundraiser for the event, which ends on September 15th. They were able to reach their funding goal, so any additional funds are going straight to the artists. If you are interested in donating they do great work, and we would definitely appreciate it!!

Check in on our site for updates: WONDER MACHINE: Belen Mirage

May 3-5, 2013 daily 11am-8pm
Abteilung für Alles Andere
Ackerstrasse 18
Berlin / Mitte

Direct Action 2013 is a performance gathering taking place from May 3rd-5th at the Abteilung für Alles Andere in Berlin-Mitte. Running for its fourth year now and in close cooperation with the Institut Für Alles Mögliche, DA*13 will feature a wide range of performances and experiments. The festival topic this year focuses on "performance on*with*through language" and is bringing together artists under the theme of non-expressive-, non-dramatic-actions, minimal moves, conceptual gestures and media interventions.

ARTISTS: Dominik + Matthew Crookes + Nina Ross + Anette Friedrich Johannessen | OPEN STAGE with: Aron Lesnik + Karl Heinz Jeron + Kera MacKenzie + Florian Kiniques + Michael Pohl + Dorthe Pedersen + Students from the Academy of Visual Arts Liepzig

image: Kera MacKenzie & Lauren Edwards

Burden of Proof
new work by Lauren Edwards & Kera MacKenzie

Curated by Kate Bowen

April 14-28, 2013
Opening Reception: Sunday, April 14, 4-8pm
Open Hours : Sundays & Mondays, 12-4pm
ACRE Projects
1913 W 17th St.
Chicago, IL 60608

In a court of law, opposing parties each carry a burden of proof and must argue their case using, among other things, evidence that can sway jury members to one conclusion or another. Material evidence often plays a critical role in constructing a jury’s sense of the truth and ultimately convicting the accused. Both of the artists included in the exhibition Burden of Proof question the correlation between the reality of an event and the artifacts that are used to reconstruct details about what transpired after the fact.

image: Kera MacKenzie & Lauren Edwards

UIC MFA Thesis Exhibition 
Joshua Albers, Daniel Bennett, Lauren Edwards, Kera MacKenzie

March 19-23, 2013
Artist Talks - Wed. 3/20 - 5:30-7 pm
Guest Critique w/ Daniel Quiles- Thurs. 3/21 - 11am-1pm (Open to the public!)
Reception - Fri. 3/22 - 5-8 pm
Gallery 400
400 S Peoria St.
Chicago IL 60622 

The first in a series of four UIC MFA Thesis Exhibitions in Studio Arts, Photography, Moving Image, and New Media Arts.

Body Double: an actor who substitutes for a leading performer, especially in distance shots or scenes not involving the face, such as close-ups of a portion of the body. These four artists are all engaged in conversation about notions of the stand-in as a means of pointing to a person, thing or idea that can't be seen directly. Here, the body double is both the prop and the viewer.

2nd to None
February 19th, 2013 7pm
MassArt Screening Room 1
621 Huntington Ave.
Boston MA


February 26th, 2013 7pm
UIC Screening Room
3rd floor of 400 S. Peoria St.
Chicago IL 

Two screenings with work from UIC MFA Moving Image artists alongside MassArt MFA Film/Video artists.

UIC MFA Open Studios

Monday, Oct. 29, 2012 7-10pm
Art and Design Hall
400 S Peoria St.

Come get an inside look at the University of Illinois at Chicago's MFA program for Studio Arts, Moving Image, and New Media. UIC's amazingly talented and diverse MFA students open their studios for one night only—Monday, October 29, from 7–10pm. - See more at:
Come on by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, Nov. 4, 2011 6-10pm
Art and Design Hall
400 S Peoria St.

Come get down with what the MFA candidates are up to at UIC. Coinciding with Gallery 400's Archival Impulse opening and America Now and Here hosted by the Jane Addams Hull House. 

Zircumflex, Engels and Überflug join hands to present their next exhibition:

Breaking Point  

July 29 - August 21, 2011
Opening July 29, 2011 6:00pm
Live Music 8:00pm
Herrfurthstr 21
12049, Neukölln, Berlin 

Breaking Point sees an array of artists exhibiting their work in an exciting new space in Neukölln - Engels. The exhibition brings together photography, collage, drawing, video and installation.

Nick Grosssmann - Kera MacKenzie & Eric Miller (Subluxation) - Weronika Trojańska – Tinka Bechert – Marco Dorn

Culturia’s Winter Show
December 10 - 15, 2010
Opening Friday, December 10th 6-9pmJosetti Höfe
Rungestraße 22-24
10179 Berlin

This exhibition marks the culmination of a 3-4 month residency period at Culturia, a place that fosters creativity and values the need for space, in order for artists to bring concepts to reality. The program is built around the idea of bringing artists from different fields and backgrounds together to encourage an engaging discourse of artistic investigations.

This show will feature the illustrious work of: Carol Borja, Luca Antonucci, Kera MacKenzie, Eric Miller, Nuno Vicente, Rebecca Baumann, Seamus Heidenreich, Olaf Kühnemann, Ignacio García

Sunday, November 14, 2010, 12-7pm
41 White St.
Brooklyn, NY

I FALL, I FLOW, I MELT is a video art show featuring work that explores the idea of escape by means of psychological transportation or transformation. Some ideas that might be considered: to be immersed in a moment of hypnosis, magnificent visions, and dreams; flux and impermanence; to diminish, deteriorate, or disappear. Selected works by nine artists all capture the ephemerality of escape through visual representations, appropriations, anomalies, or abstractions using single or multi-channel, time-based media.

Artists: Karen Y Chan, Yoon Cho, Elaine Despins, Bat-Sheva Guez, Jeremiah Jones, Martyna Starosta, Subluxation (Kera MacKenzie & Eric Miller), Jayoung Yoon, Frank Zadlo
Curated by: Karen Y Chan
Presented by: Arts in Bushwick, BETA Spaces 2010